Commissioned by R-Space gallery for the Lisburn Light Festival. Lambent Ambient was a musical kinetic sculpture cum science experiment with sixteen “tuned” light bulb pendula which swung and chimed in a chaotic mesmerizing sequence before reaching a crescendo that edged each time on complete disorder. The work drew on my own interest in music, maths, physics and philosopher Timothy Morton’s ideas around Hyperobjects articulating pervasive forces in the universe; gravity, electromagnetism and thermodynamics bringing around the heat death of the universe in this case.

Shown: 16 November - 13 December, 2019
R-Space Gallery, Lisburn

Materials: Microcontrollers, Loudspeakers, Lightbulbs, Electrical Cord, Servo Mechanisms, Wood, Marine Ply, Project Boxes, Hazard Tape
Curated by: Robert Martin and Anthea McWilliams

Technician credits: Ruth Annett, Andrew Bolster, Neal Campbell, Paul Moore

Photo and video credit: Simon Mills 2019